Stresses and struggles,

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To comment on stresses and struggles generally could be construed as highly contentious an issue to attempt to cover or offer a total resolute solution to because there can be so many factors to consider


daily personal circumstances

work situation

health situation

community cares and issues and concerns

concerns generally


For example: If you are worried or upset and you happened to 'chew the cud' bite the inside of mouth to the extent that the inner skin tears away like a blister which hasn't even blistered and you are left with a painful swollen inside of your mouth which extends to virtually the whole side of your inner cheek, it makes it difficult to drink hot drinks and to even eat. Even though it still hurts  whilst trying to press your tongue against the torn part (which you cannot put creams on to help with the healing process as creams are usually meant for external use) in order to try to eat something and whether hot or cold drink, it still hurts. You also know that you are unlikely to be as it were 'sitting in a back row of a movies' for some time too, for 'self-protection' even. Not that such is ever a thought of mine personally anyway, but that doesn't make it right.


Then trying to possibly battle with illness and other scenario or the business of the tube or train on way to work when you honestly cannot contemplate the thought of facing people but you know you must or another bill might not get paid. Or you may be wanting to so graciously support a local business knowing that you are struggling yourself or a charity or cause and then you read something in media about one of your favorite causes going 'down the pan/closing ' or another business closes down locally, it all adds up.


Many years ago, as then chair of a charity, i went out on the van with the guys. The charity shop had a van. I couldnt do too much but i wanted to see how they work, what they experience in traffic etc and meet some of those who were being so very kind and choosing to give to the charity or in some cases 'charities'.


I remember we had to go to a property at a place called Rosenau Crescent which is in the Battersea are of London. I remember it because my nans name was Rose and because i was had worked before with Marks & Spencers at Clapham Junction in London, in the daytime 9-5.30, then i walked across the road and started at McDonalds on a evening shift 6pm-2am. One of the lovely people i worked with at Marks & Spencer and when years earlier when 17 i worked on the delicatessen at F.W. Woolworths in Catford SE London both were called Rose too.


I remember then slicing the end of my finger off whilst chatting to customers and trying to serve them at the same time, i said to the customer then "oops, i just sliced the end of my finger off, sorry but we must close the department to clean up". I then went to Lewisham Hospital and had to have my arm strapped up for weeks. The end of my finger did grow back.


I was upset in recent years to hear that Lewisham Hospital was due to close down and even though it was difficult for me i went along as i had in earlier years to try to help. I have some photos somewhere an shall try to post them if i can find them but they are of the much earlier years so at least 25 years ago.


So what of Rosenau Crescent? A beautiful tree lined terrace in SW11. I had a great friend who lived along there David Jesson-Dibley, i have mentioned some of the books he wrote on the Humble Bumble page on the www.Regenprotec.com site. When we pulled up outside the address in Rosenau Crescent . After walking into the smallish tidy front garden, the smaller creaky sounding metal garden gate had slightly wedged itself on an unlevened pathway, so i very very carefully pulled it back  and we approached the door. The property, a cottage, had a porch with roses and the door was to the right upon entering the porch. I'm not sure who knocked.....but one of us did. When the door opened ....there stood a person who became known to me as 'Maureen'.

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