A weightloss strategy and effectively a kind of basic cookery course which started as a New Year Resolution and personal diary.  The strategy was soon 'Regenprotec'.


The site initially was a combination of diet strategy which was growing and the website creators own personal pages so these more personal pages and photos were removed from the site totally and completely because it was considered that the health and success of those who may want to lose weight should be the prime focus.


With considerable voluntary experience for a registered charity too since 1996.

None of this work is connected to the charity directly but the volunteering experience has helped.


Regenprotec has many pages and recipes carefully constructed on a very limited budget. There are also Daily abbs pages with easy to do daily routines for beginners and those wanting to try to get into a routine of some exersize.

Also many interesting pages and items of interest and open 24/7.  

You might find some interesting ideas you may not have thought of which may help you somehow too.


In January 2015 Regenprotec.org was created which is presently a second stepping stone and a site with different features to the .com site and also incorporates an ease and may also too be of

help to those wanting to  maintain body weight or lose and too gently increase weight.


Thank you to various persons supportive of our effort via social media.

Regenprotec.com is an initial stepping stone and free to use: Click here please. Regenprotec.org